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Ron Reyes of the Blow Up Dolls
Daniel Gord of Red Circle
Norine Braun
Velevet Steele


Vancouver is bursting with talent and we delight in offering different genres in the same place. Step out of the ordinary and discover something new. Stay in the know. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Consider supporting us. A portion of what we collect goes toward maintaining the site, to indigenous musicians, and to help people in the community who may not be able to afford to attend shows pay for tickets to events.

Meet the founder

I’m Metis. After years of working as a music promoter, I noticed an absence of indigenous performers at my own shows. My business needed to change, so I enrolled at Groundswell Social Ventures.

It’s one thing to say I work on unceded lands, it’s another thing to do something.

While at Groundswell I interviewed music artists and music patrons who both reported a fundamental need to take part in live events every 7 to 14 days.

Metis - picture by Bob Hanham
Norah Holtby - Photo credit: Bob Hanham
Concert crowd

The power of connection

In the days of COVID 19, where we have all experienced physical and social isolation, we understand the power of connection more than ever. We certainly have missed connecting with all of you.

As we move into Phase 3 and open up the Province after COVID. I’m excited to be to offering small live shows. Please sign up for our newsletter and if you see our postings on social media, be sure to share them with your friends.

In July, we have Preston & Fletcher on July 10th, Sparky Spurr and the Wretched Sinners on July 11th The Spiritual Warriors make their Lanalou’s debut on July 24th and Norine Baun and Alice Fraser take the stage on July 24th. Seating is limited and COVID protocols are in place. We suggest you grab your tickets at Eventbrite.ca to avoid disappointment.

We are also working to provide a live stream to these shows. Proceeds from the live stream will be shared between the musicians and LanaLou’s to ensure that this venue continues to be viable into the future.

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